On-Site Set-Up


At Pipetawse Limited, we have a large amount of experience of running a fabrication facility on a client's site. We ensure that our activites have minimal impact on the site, and are able to provide a self-sufficient set-up to suit the project requirements. This ranges from a 'semi-permanent' constructed facility to short-term temporary facilities such as steel containers and cabins. We are also able to incorporate our fabrication and/or break areas into a client's existing building, if there is no space on site for any extra units.

We can use our own 'silent' diesel generators to provide power for fabrication and welding, which enables us to operate independant of site facilities. We can also offer in-situ welding using portable welding sets with a power generator.

Housekeeping in all our fabrication shops and break cabins are kept to a high standard on an on-going basis. We believe that a tidy fabrication shop is an efficient fabrication shop, and also eliminates the possibility of slip & trip hazards.