PAU Fabrication & Installation


Pipetawse Ltd. were commissioned to design a Pre-Assembled Unit, consiting of 7 self-contained structures, for transport and installation at a site on the West Coast of England.

Our job was to design and fabricate steelwork modules to specified dimensions, and able to accommodate four skid units, two Hot Oil tanks, and one collection pot into our design. Then we were tasked to route and fabricate the interconnecting pipework, ladders, stairs & handrails, so that they could be trial assembled at our works, and then transported via road to site. Once on-site, we were to co-ordinate Insulation and E&I to meet our client's requirements.

The plan for modular assembly was to ensure that installation on site was as simple as possible, by lowering each section in place and bolting them back together without any hot-work.

The design phase lasted from Mid-2012 to Late-2013, and fabrication first commenced in July 2013. The first completed modules were shipped to site in March 2014 after a trial erection. While on-site, Pipetawse Ltd. successfully designed and installed supports and supporting steel to alleviate the stresses the pipework system would undergo when the Hot Oil system was activated.

The modules were successfully passed off by the end client Late-2014.

pau_thumb_01.jpg pau_thumb_02.jpg pau_thumb_03.jpg pau_thumb_04.jpg pau_thumb_05.jpg pau_thumb_06.jpg pau_thumb_07.jpg